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At the age of seven, John wanted two things: to become an artist, and to one day, go surfing. So, with a B.F.A. from Emily Carr University, Vancouver B.C. with a Major in Visual Arts, and trips to Tofino for surfing, he is creating his dream.

J D R is a painter, independent author, artist-in-residence, art instructor, children's book illustrator, in-home muralist and surfer of the street and ocean. His greatest desire and primary motivation is to encourage and engage children of all ages, in discovering how wonderful skateboarding, reading, riding an elephant, and going surfing can be.

John loves to share fun, painted images on skateboards and small or large canvasses. His images can also be found in his books, some with short stories of skateboarding or surfing the waves with monkey friends. "Monkeys Go Surfing" can be seen surfing on Facebook and Instagram. Monkey stories can also be found on